June 2013 St. Ita. The Forgotten Princess by James Dunphy. This was a really interesting book that was loaned to me by my daughter Lucy (Thanks Lucy!). The author has done a tremendous amount of research on St. Ita, who was a 6th Century holy woman from Ireland. The book is a collection of stories about St. Ida from all the churches named for her, and the holy spots in Ireland (some are popular pilgrimage sites) that are associated with a battle or act of kindness and charity, and sometime healing, associated with St. Ida.

What struck me about all the stories collected in the book was the charitable nature of St. Ida, her penchant to attribute all her activities to God, and her fearlessness in defending those who could not defend themselves. St.Ita is not one of those saints that people know or recognize, but her life is really a good example to all of us for putting God first in our lives, and everything follows from that.