May 2012 Service. A Navy Seal At War by Marcus Luttrell. This book was a gift from my friend Sean who had it personally inscribed by the author. Thanks Sean for such a gift.

The book is written by the same author of the best selling book "Lone Survivor." He was a navy Seal who saw some pretty intense service in Afghanistan and Iraq. The first half of the book is about the success US forces had in turning around Ramadi, Iraq. I found this to be very enlightening and it made me proud of the work our military guys do. The second half of the book was the author telling the stories in detail of the guys who pulled him off the mountain in Afghanistan following the events of "Lone Survivor." Again, our military guys do some pretty heroic stuff in a very professional, proficient way. We should all be proud of these guys.

The book really gave me a perspective on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that opened my eyes to the work done in counter-insurgency that was critical to success. I did, however, find the author's view of Christianity a little troubling. Several times in the book, he commented on "never forget, never forgive," and "payback" that seemed inconsistent with his professionalism and commitment to "God and country." I think this is really an editing issue with the book, and I think it would stand alone better with some of that rhetoric.

I do recommend this book to anyone wanting to understand the war in Iraq better.