February 2018 Night of the Confessor. Christian Faith in an Age of Uncertainty. by Tomàš Halík. This author was recommended to me by my friend Eric because of the commentary on science and religion. That commentary took the form of a reflection on the Resurrection in light of the present human condition. These reflections were based on 30 years of hearing confessions as a Catholic priest. The author was ordained in 1978 as part of the underground church in Czechoslovakia.

The author makes the point that uncertainty in life is something to be embraced as intrinsic property of God as Mystery. Halík makes several references to St. Augustine's axiom si comprehendis,non est Deus (if you think you have grasped him, then it is not God that you have grasped).

I found this book extremely thought provoking and spiritually rewarding. It is pretty deep, but the depth is worth the effort to plumb.