June 2013 Moonraker by Ian Fleming. This is the third of the 12 "Bond, James Bond" books, this one written in 1955.

In this book, Bond's assignment is in England. It begins with M asking Bond to come down to the Blades club (a men's club in London) to catch a suspected card cheater who is also a national celebrity/ war hero: Sir Hugo Drax. Drax is also in charge of a missile defense system in which a government security agent was murdered. Bond investigates and gets pulled in to a dangerous situation that threatens England itself.

This was an excellent story, and the 1970's movie adaptation with Roger Moore bears little resemblance to Fleming's plot line. However, Fleming's Bond books take place in the early Cold War, when most of the characters have a World War II service story, and war with Germany is a fresh memory. A story like this would make a great movie, but it would be hard to bring the characters' motivations into a 21st Century context.