February 2013 Live and Let Die by Ian Fleming. This is the second of the 12 "Bond, James Bond" books written in the 1950's, and just as good as the firs one.

This book takes Bond from the streets of Harlem, down to Florida, and eventually to Jamaica on the trail of pirate treasure being used to fund Soviet/SMERSH operations in the United States. The criminal mastermind is "Mr.Big" who operates out of Harlem. There are scenes in this story that I remember from when I read this book back in the 1970's, but I didn't remember the details. That was good, because the details are very good in this book.

The movie adaptation of this book in 1973 doesn't bear much resemblance to Ian Fleming's story except there was a Mr.Big and he did operate out of Harlem. But, for the 1970's, it was a pretty good movie, and it did have Roger Moore and music by Paul McCartney.