October 2018 The Jungle Grows Back. America and Our Imperiled World Order by Robert Kagan. I heard this author speaking about this book on the radio show THINK on the local public radio station on my way to work one day. The author is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution (Washington DC think tank) and a columnist for The Washington Post. His book is a very well-thought-out history of the post-WW2 world peace that has been guaranteed by US military and economic might since 1945. He argues that the reason for the post-WW2 liberal order (led by the USA) was to guarantee that neither Germany nor Japan would again threaten their neighbors. A side benefit was the ability to build strong alliances within this liberal world order to address the rise of the USSR after 1946.

The author argues that the disengagement from this liberal world order, started by President Obama and continued in the current administration, is the wrong direction and will lead to "the jungle creeping back into the garden," or the need for larger military engagement down the road. Preventing future large scale conflicts, as we have since 1945 is a whole lot less expensive than fighting one. That's his point.