December 2018 Abraham Joshua Heschel. Essential Writings. selections by and Introduction by Susannah Heschel. I found this book in the bookstore at Gethsemani Abbey (Trappist) in Kentucky during Thanksgiving break. One of Rabbi Heschel's quotes on Wonder about God was on the wall in the visitor's center at the abbey. I caught my attention and they happed to have a book of his writings for purchase. The book is part of the Modern Spiritual Masters Series by Orvis publishing.

The book is a primer on Jewish thought and philosophy that has much to say that is very relevant for Christians as well. In fact, interfaith dialogue was a key concern of Rabbi Heschel, as well as the civil rights movement in the US. The author speaks of the Mystery that is God in much the same language as used in the Roman Catholic apostolic constitution Guadium et apes (1965). I found much in this book relevant to my own personal thinking about science and faith. I could go on and on about this book and I am looking to read more by Rabbi Heschel.