December 2010 Finding Darwin's God A Scientist's Search for Common Ground between God and Evolution by Kenneth R. Miller. It's been several years since I read one of the many "Science and Religion" books that seem to be plentiful these days. It's a topic that has been a keen interest of mine for 30 years. This book was appealing to me since it was written by a scientist, an evolutionary biologist in fact, who is also devout Christian.

The author first takes on the arguments of the Intelligent Design proponents, and then turns toward the proponents of extending Darwin's theories well their intention by using science as a proof of the irrelevancy of life and religion/spirituality.

This is a very well thought out book that ties our spiritual nature to what science can say, and to what science cannot say. The book I think will appeal to those who have a good overview, not necessarily expert, understanding of modern science, and those whose spiritual leanings tend toward understanding man as endowed by God with the capacity to freely choose Him and also to freely reject Him.

I thoroughly enjoyed the content and perspective of this book. I highly recommend it. Thanks to John Wise for recommending it to me (and letting me borrow his copy!)